PSM Course
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Diploma Programmes

Advanced Diploma in Business Management

This is an advanced program specifically meant for those who have already gained a recognized diploma or degree and who now wish to study a course that prepares them for a senior management position. The emphasis during the course is on those aspects, which are essential for effective management within commercial or non-commercial organizations.


  • Unit of Business and Management
  • Unit of Human Resource Management
  • Unit of Marketing Management
  • Unit of Accounting for Managers
  • Introduction to e-business and e-commerce
  • Business Accounting
  • Human Resources or Personnel Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Research and Development Management
  • Managerial Leadership
  • Business and Administrative Communication

Overall Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course learners will:

  • Have appropriate conceptual skills to address strategic and corporate issues
  • Be familiar with the practical techniques required to respond to the changing demands of business markets and environments
  • Develop practical problem-solving skills developed through the research, development and completion of business projects in different specialist areas
  • Appreciate the complexities of internal and external factors that affect management and corporate decision-making
  • Benefit from a stimulating and intellectually demanding program that can enhance their professional career prospects
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